There are signs that it is time to sit down with your loved one and have a real conversation about aged care facilities. Particularly where the elder lives alone and no longer has a spouse looking out for them. Some common signs to look out for are:

  • Difficulty maintaining or getting around the house due to hazards such as stairs
  • Memory loss, forgetfulness or confusion
  • Physical impairment or chronic disease
  • Decreasing hygiene practices
  • Changes in personality, feeling down or lonely

If you are concerned about your loved one living alone, open up the conversation. Get the family together to support you in broaching the subject. Don’t be forceful, offer to ‘show them a few places’ without obligation so they are at least open to looking, get them through the door and you’ve won half the battle! Take the hard work out of it for them, make it enjoyable and stress-free.

Another good idea is to have a good understanding of the aged care options available and what they will cost. This will give you a good idea of what option will suit your loved one – from a care and lifestyle perspective as well as cost. It also allows time to get expert financial advice to better understand your options.